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Internal view

Internal view of the shop

Address: East Street, Trefdraeth, Sir Benfro SA42 0SY Phone: 01239 820300

About us:

We are a community based group, who have succeeded in purchasing Havards store. Our team consists of a board and committee of committed locals - Siop Havards Gymunedol Tydrath (SHGT). SHGT has formed a Community Benefit Society that is now responsible for running Havards. A Community Benefit Society is a business which is run for the community, reinvesting profits to the benefit of that community.

The project was first presented to the community at a public meeting on 30th July 2021 held at Newport Memorial Hall. Adrian Varney was able to announce that £110k had been pledged to date with another £25k pledged on the evening. In the meeting, all those present agreed and officially voted that the community should try and save this historic hardware shop for the community.

Pledges then built up and by October 2021 we had reached our initial target of £250,000. We then set about the challenging task of setting up the Society, opening a bank account, and ensuring everything was compliant with the necessary legislation. We are particularly grateful to the Wales Co-operative Centre for help and support in setting up the project. By October 2022 we had raised sufficient funs to proceed with the purchase.

Picture of Havards in 1950s

Havards in the 1950


  1. Inclusivity – Havards will be for everyone, by fostering an atmosphere where no-one is inhibited to enter the shop because they feel it’s not for them; where anyone can step forward to help run it; where anyone can participate.
  2. Sustainability – as all business must now be, Havards will be run so as not to deprive future generations by what we consume now, and in order that the shop will live on and prosper in Tydrath for many years to come.
  3. Local prosperity – to foster opportunities for employment and generate funds for community need.
  4. Cultural and social cohesion – to involve local residents and visitors alike in the project to forge understanding and tolerance; to foster the Welsh language and culture; to support local producers.


  1. To manage Siop Havards as a community-run, traditional hardware store with a wide and varied stock to meet the needs of all the people of Tydrath and the wider community, and to help preserve the nature of Tydrath as an important and self-sufficient local shopping town.
  2. To generate a broad range of volunteering, employment, work experience and training opportunities, in Welsh and English, accessible to all members of the community.
  3. To become sustainable and then to generate a surplus that will be used to the benefit of the community and community projects.
  4. To work efficiently – in every respect of running the business, winning self-respect, initiative and satisfaction for those involved.

The committee is very grateful for support and assistance from Wales Cooperative Centre, Now it is down to our shareholders and volunteers to make running the shop a great success. Shareholders should make every effort to attend the AGM each year, and the future of the committee is up to you, the shareholder. Shareholders all have vote on how the committee is run. At each AGM – annual general meeting or at a special meeting, you will be given the opportunity to vote on who you think should occupy the positions, i.e.. Chair, Vice chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

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