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Community Support

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There is huge support within both the local community and visitors for keeping Havards open and operating as a hardware shop. We have surveyed the town, talked to many local people and held several public meetings to gauge support. We have many letters of support from local traders.

Community Survey

During March and April 2022 we ran an extensive community survey. By mid April there had been over 150 responses, which overwhelmingly supported the project. There were just three responses saying "maybe" and no-one said they did not support the project. 57 of those surveyed (38%) volunteered to help the project.

Public Meetings

There have been a series of well attended public meetings which have demonstrated huge support for making Havards into a Community Asset. These meetings are reported in more detail on the News Page

Video Interviews

We have interviewed a number of people on video and asked for their opinions. In the videos below you can see a variety of local people and hear their views. The final video also explains the project and has some great shots of the town and the shop.

Interviews in English (8 minutes)

More interviews (English - 6 minutes) uploaded 18th April

Interviews in Welsh (6 minutes)

About the project, and opinions. Bilingual Version (22 minutes)

This video has an introduction to the project and a very informative introduction showing the town, environment and Havards shop.

Now give your views! Please complete our survey.