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Internal view

Internal view of the shop

VOLUNTEERING AT HAVARDS: We have more opportunities for volunteers, in particular to assist in the shop. If you think you might be interested, please call in at the shop, and you can then explore what is involved by talking to the staff and volunteers who are on duty. You can also write to Then, if you’d like to complete an application, either call in at Havards to pick up a form or complete our volunteer form.

TREASURER and VOLUNTEER CO-ORDINATOR. We are please to say that both positions are now filled. For the latter, please see the July Newsletter for details. We are very grateful to be able to acknowledge that this job is funded by an Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant.

At this time there are no other vacant positions.

Supporters are asked to consider in their circle of family, friends, business associates etc. anyone who might be suitable for our jobs. If so please contact the possible applicant and send a link to this page.

We will also need volunteers to assist run the shop. We would be grateful if potential volunteers could complete our Volunteer Form.